How to make a Plastic Bottle Float Thingy

Recycling (especially upcycling) is something I fancy for a long time. That’s why I wanted to start some projects where I make something awesome from basically rubbish. I particularly like the combination of upcycling and design. So be prepared for more to come. Plastic bottles have always fascinated me, that’s why this first video takes some plastic bottles and turns them in a floaty thingy for tubing down the river the ecological and very very very cheap way.

If you have any questions just leave a comment down below.
If you have made your own plastic bottle float, please tell me about it in the comment section as well!


Vogesen Tape Sessions Part 10 🎉 🎊

Vogesen Tape Sessions Part 10!! Celebrations! Electronic live music with modular, Ableton Live, iPad, Sub Phatty, Push.
0:00 Streicher
4:14 Attenuator
11:58 Analog Bliss
26:00 Rikscha
34:40 Cinnamon Express
41:00 Welpen
48:00 Grand Noise
58:00 Penthouse Kitsch
1:07:00 Auf Wiedersehen

We Are Stardust

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