Don’t Buy Monero T-Shirts & Hoodies

I love Monero! That’s why I made a t-shirt shop with DON’T BUY MONERO designs. One dollar of each Monero t-shirt sale gets donated to the Monero Project! If you want to pay with monero or if you want a nice sticker, shoot me an email: Click here to get to the shop,  

We Are Stardust

New clothing with “WE ARE STARDUST”.  Which is as poetic as true. We all come from the stars, each atom made by a dying sun. Buy “we are stardust CLASSIC” here: Buy “we are stardust ITALIC” here: Buy “we are stardust STAR WARS style” here:


I’ve just recently made a new, very positive t-shirt design. It simply says: TODAY IS A VERY GOOD DAY. Put it on a mug, t-shirt or hoodie to have a very good day! You can customize it here: Europe: North America:

Sony Action Cam in Washing Machine

So I put my cam into the washing machine. What came out was a very clean camera and some real reality tv. Get ready for over 30 minutes of tumbling. I have even made time guide: 0:28 action starts 2:30 soak that shit 3:39 I am out of here 5:28 taking small break 6:20 woooooaw! 8:22 cam dives into the action […]