#NILSMANGOLIVE #6 – The Siren Calls

Also available as a podcast. Just search for “Nils Mango Live Music”
Apple Podcasts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/nils-mango/id1363995085

Live electronic music with Ableton 10, Push 2, Novation Circuit and MacBook Pro.

Used Plugins: Wavetable, Reverbs, Echo, RX-7, Minimoog, uTonic, Turnado

– This set starts ok, get’s a little strange and finishes ok again. Can’t write “great”. Gotta tweak the drum samples better before starting the set next time.

I am excited about the next one where I will try to resample parts of the live performance. And I will have better tuned drums in regard to volume.

See you next time! In a couple of days.



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