How to make a Plastic Bottle Float Thingy

Recycling (especially upcycling) is something I fancy for a long time. That’s why I wanted to start some projects where I make something awesome from basically rubbish. I particularly like the combination of upcycling and design. So be prepared for more to come. Plastic bottles have always fascinated me, that’s why this first video takes […]

Sony Action Cam in Washing Machine

So I put my cam into the washing machine. What came out was a very clean camera and some real reality tv. Get ready for over 30 minutes of tumbling. I have even made time guide: 0:28¬†action starts 2:30¬†soak that shit 3:39¬†I am out of here 5:28¬†taking small break 6:20¬†woooooaw! 8:22¬†cam dives into the action […]