Rent SUP in Basel

Sounds strange but I have openened a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) rental in Basel. Presenting the Birs 73 SUP Center.
You can also learn how to paddle your SUP. Renting costs CHF 20, the course is CHF 80 for two hours. You will learn the correct paddle technique and everything else you need to know about stand up paddling. More info:

That’s it, I hope I see you on the water!

Sonnenuntergang SUP Basel

Don’t Buy Monero T-Shirts & Hoodies

I love Monero! That’s why I made a t-shirt shop with DON’T BUY MONERO designs.
One dollar of each Monero t-shirt sale gets donated to the Monero Project!
If you want to pay with monero or if you want a nice sticker, shoot me an email:
Click here to get to the shop,

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